Parents of children at a town centre school hosted a demonstration calling for road safety improvements near the site.

Campaigners gathered outside St Jerome Church of England Bilingual School, in Elmgrove Road, Harrow, to highlight what they see as insufficient safety measures.

They erected giant inflatable bollards and spoke about the “dangers” at the junction of Station Road and Hindes Road.

“When the school opened there was 60 children, now there are 240. Each year, it is getting more difficult to cross the road safely,” said parent Mauricio Lopez.

“By making changes, our children and those who attend in the future will be able to get to school much more safely.”

Parents are calling for five key changes as part of an overall action plan, with March 2020 set as a preferred deadline for their implementation.

They want to see improved signage in Station Road to alert drivers of the school’s location and the introduction of a 20mph zone with speed humps in the vicinity of the school.

They have also asked for more green light crossing periods during school opening times, a larger space for pedestrians to gather outside the school and a ‘keep clear’ section at the cycle crossing in Elmgrove Road.

Responsibility for the crossing is “shared” by Harrow Council and Transport for London (TfL).

A spokeswoman for Harrow Council explained that its highways teams are speaking with the school about road safety.

She added that two independent reviews had been carried out at the junction and both deemed it “safe”.

The council has installed school warning signs and is “working with TfL” over the green light crossing times during drop-off and pick-up periods.