A Blackfen student has gathered dozens of donations for the homeless, after reaching out to neighbours on social media.

David Laditi reached out to his community on social media app ‘Nextdoor’ to tackle homelessness.

He said he had been in Charing Cross and realised he didn’t have enough items to give to the homeless, so turned to community members on the app which his mother uses regularly to keep in touch with the neighbourhood.

The response he received was huge and has since received 25 bags worth of items such as coats, gloves, trousers and much more.

Commenting on the response he received from the app, David said: “It is a next-level response that I couldn’t even imagine.

“There are so many angles the items are coming from such as my church, friends of friends and the people from NextDoor.

“My conservatory is full!” Said, David

David ventures out by bus every Wednesday, selecting an area based on where he has seen lots of homelessness before.

He has so far visited Stratford, Charing Cross, and Woolwich. And hopes to further extend his project to where his university is based in Southend.

David’s passion for helping the homeless "extended out of his love of God" and talking to other youths in his church about the topic.

Nick Lisher, Head of EMEA at Nextdoor said: “What David has been doing for homeless people around London is nothing short of remarkable!

“We hope that we will continue to see amazing neighbours like David using Nextdoor, not to just benefit their community but to inspire people across the UK to make positive changes in their neighbourhoods.”

David will continue to act against homelessness by visiting more areas, creating conversations and weakening the divide between the homeless and communities.