A HAYES man was today (5) convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, an amateur boxer.

Wojciech Tadewicz, 27, of Whittington Avenue, will return to the Old Bailey on Friday to be sentenced.

The court heard how Sandra Zmijan, a 31-year-old mother of two, went to Tadewicz’s home in September 2018 to pick up a ticket from him to an amateur boxing event.

Sandra was to compete in a charity boxing match the following day as she had recovered from cancer and taken up boxing as a hobby.

The pair had been in a six-month relationship, but Sandra had texted Tadewicz a few days before to tell him she just wanted to be friends.

Analysis of CCTV and Oyster card records revealed she had travelled to Tadewicz’s home but had not returned home to her two children.

Emergency services were called to Tadewicz’s address in the early hours of the following day after his housemates found him in his room with multiple cuts to his wrists and arms.

Tadewicz was taken to hospital and spoken to by police officers. He said he had smoked cannabis the night before and did not remember how he had got cut.

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Sandra’s children and friends tried to call her constantly for four days. Eventually, her phone was answered by Tadewicz’s sister, who had found it in his room.

Police visited Whittington Avenue and, after a search behind trees in the back garden, they found Sandra’s body.

A claw hammer stained with Sandra’s blood was found next to her.

Det Chief Insp Simon Harding said: “After luring her to his home on the pretence of giving her a ticket for the boxing event, Tadewicz carried out a frenzied attack on Sandra using a claw hammer to hit her repeatedly on the head.

“Sandra had told Tadewicz just a few days before that she no longer wished to be in a relationship with him. Her death has now left two young children without a mother.

“Tadewicz has not showed any remorse and has tried to avoid responsibility for his actions by claiming he has no recollection of events.

“Though nothing will ever make up for the loss of Sandra, I hope her family can now take some comfort from the fact he will be in prison for a long time.”