New trees have been planted as part of a scheme proposed by the Mayor of London.

Byron Recreation Ground now has thirty new trees with the help of Friends of Byron Park and Harrow Council as part of National Tree Week which takes place between November 23 to December 1.

This happened as part of a project from Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, who funded 55,000 trees for community groups in London plant and introduce eco-diversity in the area during the national week.

The group received thirty Buckthorn trees, some being Purging Buckthorns and others being Alder Buckthrons.

Members of Friends of Byron Park, the Wealdstone Traders Association and Harrow Neighbourhood Watch all gathered around at Byron Recreation Ground on November 30 to plant the new additions.

This Is Local London:

Some participants are however concerned that other trees issued in the scheme will go uncared for and die as some companies may request the trees and not give them efficient care.

Simon Joshua, the multi-scheme admin for Harrow Neighbourhood Watch, said: “Projects to provide trees are enabling people to plant trees in their gardens, communities and their parks.

“But trees need to be cared for properly to ensure their survival. Energy companies may be funding these trees and helping to increase tree cover in the UK, but funding for tree planting in real terms has fallen by £20million annually in the past four years.

“This week trees have featured in the election campaign for all parties since it is one of the main solutions to tackle the climate emergency, but only if the trees supplied are planted and thrive.

“That’s why working with experts is so important to ensure the right trees are planted in the right places. Often these projects serve to enable corporations to receive subsidies for just supplying these young trees. That’s not enough!"

This Is Local London:

He added: “We will continue to care for these trees to ensure as many as possible survive. Please support your community groups to enable more projects like these to thrive throughout Harrow.”

Mr Khan worked with Woodland Trust, a conservation charity, who offered trees to support the scheme.

While these trees have just been planted, Mr Joshua has also stated that he will be receiving an additional 500 trees in two weeks which will be distributed around Harrow.