Over 200 guests attended a Q&A lunch fundraiser with journalist Nick Ferrari to celebrate a Jewish care services charity’s 11th anniversary.

The Local Angels lunch, organised by the Local Angels Committee, was held at the Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel which raised over £33,000.

Chaired by Jewish Care Trustee, Gayle Klein, the charity has raised over £300,000 over for Jewish Care services in Redbridge over the past decade.

Local Angels Committee member, Karen Leibovitch from Chigwell, hosted the Q&A session with LBC radio presenter and journalist Nick Ferarri.

Mr Ferrari told guests: “I have a lot in common with the Jewish community because my Italian background, where it’s also always family first.

“I think that the work that the community does for charity is especially outstanding.

“It’s a total privilege to be here to get a better understanding of the work Jewish Care does which is of irreplaceable value to the Jewish community. More power to Jewish Care.”

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Local Angels committee member Karen Leibovitch interview journalist Nick Ferrari

Funds raised at the annual charity lunches have helped funded weekly Memory Way Café and care buses for people living with dementia.

The Jewish Care’s Redbridge Community Centre also benefits from the fundraising which holds community centre activities and teas for Holocaust survivors.

Sonia Lerner, whose mother Lottie Lewis had vascular dementia and received support by Jewish Care, made an appeal to guests.

Ms Lerner said: “Mum became more isolated as her dementia progressed, so we approached Jewish Care who sent a social worker to assess her.

“They suggested visit The Dennis Centre for people living with dementia in Redbridge to enjoy a hot meal, activities and most importantly the social interaction she needed.

“When I visited her there one day I was so impressed with, the friendliness of staff and volunteers, and I was amazed to see my mother participating in a lively quiz and answering questions.

“Mum spent her final four years there and we always felt comforted that she was in a safe and caring environment.”

Chair of Local Angels and Jewish Care Trustee, Gayle Klein, said: “Over the past eleven years, not only have you helped raise funds at the Local Angels lunches helping to support Jewish Care’s local services.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and commitment.”