Aspiring MP Julian Wilson wants a tougher approach on law and order, a new runaway at Heathrow - and Britain to leave the European Union, writes Alex Jennings.

The chartered surveyor is one of two independents running in the traditionally safe Conservative seat of Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner.

And he claims he was motivated to stand as a candidate by his dissatisfaction with the political execution of Brexit. 

He said: “I was pretty much fed up. I thought ignoring one of the largest democratic mandates was very corrosive for the country. 

“If Remain had won this would have been put to bed for a whole generation but because the ‘deep state’ lost they decided they were going to have another go with martial law resources.” 

Mr Wilson criticised Remain supporting MPs representing Leave-voting constituencies. In 2016, Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner voted marginally in favour of remaining in the EU.

Mr Wilson, a married father of one, is strongly opposed to HS2 but in favour of a third runway at Heathrow. 

He also criticised local policing in suburbs compared to central London. 

Mr Wilson said: “It seems to me that it takes one mediocre frontline politician to squeal about some abuse that has been hurled in her face and half the Met police turns up.

“If I travel into Kensington I see a policeman on every corner. You don’t see any police presence here. 

“There is probably a lot of crime taking place but people just don’t report it. I’m talking about petty crime, people getting lawnmowers stolen from sheds, that sort of thing. Nothing’s being done. 

“I think the police response [to abuse of female MPs] is disproportionate. There’s plenty of women around here that probably feel threatened on the streets coming home with dimly lit street lighting. They don’t see any police. But Anna Soubry gets a full police presence. How can that be right?” 

Mr Wilson claims he wrote letters to former MP Nick Hurd - who is standing down at this election - on several occasions about local issues but received infrequent responses. 

He added: “Nick Hurd was just a Conservative apparatchik, I’m not sure what he did for the constituency. He only turned up when the Indian shopkeeper [Ravi Katharkamar] was murdered. 

“You compare that to Jacob Rees-Mogg who responded politely. He said he had read the letter and there wasn’t much he could do about but acknowledged the problem.”

When asked if he could change one thing about British politics, Mr Wilson suggested removing the two-party system. 

He said: “It leads to extreme views across the political spectrum.” 

Mr Wilson also has little time for Labour.

He said: “I do not trust Corbyn and I do not trust John McDonnell (who has been the MP for Hayes and Harlington since 1997). Both of them are avowed Marxists."

The Conservatives have held the constituency since it was created in 2010 boundary changes.

Mr Wilson is one of seven candidates to stand in the poll on December 12th, alongside Femy Amin (Animal Welfare), Peymana Assad (Labour), Jonathan Banks (Liberal Democrats), Tracy Blackwell (Independent), Sarah Green (Green) and David Simmonds (Conservative).