A man has criticised the set-up of improvement works outside his home, describing it as an “accident waiting to happen”.

Nilesh Patel, of College Hill Road, Harrow Weald, highlighted the lack of space available to pedestrians as they tried to go around the works, which were being carried out by UK Power Networks.

He argued there was inadequate pedestrian segregation, forcing passers-by – including “schoolchildren and mothers with pushchairs” – to walk in the road.

“I was scared to look out of my window at times – I must have seen dozens of near misses,” he said.

“We all have a duty of care to one another but there is a clear lack of health and safety in this case.

“I hope and pray that nobody gets injured because we have lots of schoolchildren and elderly people using this path.”

He also criticised the length of time taken to complete the works, noting that a job which should have taken “a day or two” had dragged on for weeks.

A spokesman for Harrow Council explained that workers damaged a water pipe, which had to be repaired.

He added that the correct safety measures had been put in place and that works should be have been completed yesterday (December 3).