Staff at Aerolatino Fitness in Sutton and Purley will be donning their festive elf ears, tights and jingly shoes to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society this December.

Elf Day is taking place this Friday on December 6, and the staff will join thousands of elves around the country, all uniting against dementia.

Tori Lynch, Aerolatino instructor and public relations officer talked about the significance of taking part in Elf Day this year and the impact of the fitness programme:

“We support other charities throughout the year, but we choose to support Alzheimer’s Society because of the benefits Aerolatino can offer in helping to prevent, delay and maintain both the disease and symptoms.

"Our programme offers our participants the opportunity to socialise and meet new people and maintain social activity generally.”

Aerolatino Fitness, is an organisation which offers Aerolatino choreography, a dance fitness workout with Latin American dance styles. They will be raising money for Elf Day in all their classes all this week by doing their classes dressed as elves and inviting customers to do the same.