A criminal who swung a baseball bat at police has been jailed.

On June 16, officers from the Met Police's response team attended Telford Road, Whitton, to carry out an arrest enquiry for a man who was wanted for a GBH in Lambeth.

A spokesman for Richmond Police said: "PCs Limb, Cougar, Marchesi, Culverhouse and Moore made up the early morning door knocking team and attended the target’s address.

"A female answered the door stating that our suspect, William Sona, was not in.

"Whilst chatting the suspect, who was in, came to the door wielding a metal baseball bat and shouting some very rude words."

The door was then slammed shut in the faces of police.

"A short time later Sona opened the door and ran out wielding the baseball bat, swinging it towards PC Limb," the spokesman added.

"CS spray was deployed to no effect and Sona made off with PCs Limb and Marchesi in hot pursuit.

"Initially lost during the foot pursuit, a car, being driven by Sona sped out of a side road, hitting PC Limb, throwing him to the floor. PC Limb sustained a broken foot and was rushed to hospital."

Sona was wanted for a couple of weeks and was finally hunted down in Wembley by a specialist team.

He was interviewed by CID officers, where he abused the interviewing officers and also hit the panic alarm. He was, eventually, charged with 8 offences, including dangerous driving, offensive weapon, taking without the owner’s consent, affray and a number of driving offences.

He was also charged with the GBH from Lambeth. He was remanded to court, where they bailed him with a tagged curfew, which he breached. He was again apprehended where he was remanded to prison until trial.

Then on November 27 Sona was sentenced to four years and three months in prison.

The spokesman finished: "This is a dangerous individual off the streets, who has 10 convictions for assault on police."