A man staying a Brentford hotel that went up in flames during the middle of the night has spoken of the terrifying ordeal.

Reg Williams had come down from Stratford upon Avon and was staying at the High Street Travelodge with three other friends.

But just before 3pm he was suddenly awoken by the fire alarm as a blaze had broken out in the building.

"Within moments I was dressed but unsure where to go or what to do," he told the Richmond and Twickenham Times.

"This guy was running up and down the corridors banging on doors telling us to leave and it’s a real fire situation.

"He turned out to be a member of the public and not a Travelodge employee. We evacuated to a safe place and the London fire service arrived not too long after.

"It was a fire officer who came round taking room numbers and names."

Just before 7am, the LFB brough the fire under control, but like man, Reg has been without a warm room to stay for hours.

"We have now relocated to a McDonald’s but others are on two busses awaiting relocation to another hotel or safe warm place," he added.

"Information isn’t too forthcoming."

Asked how he is feeling about what happened, he responded with "cold and uninformed."

Fifteen fire engines and around 100 firefighters dealt with the hotel fire.

LFB Assistant Commissioner Graham Ellis who was at the scene said: “When firefighters arrived they were faced with a rapidly developing fire. A single storey bin room on the ground floor of a neighbouring building was alight and the fire had already spread to an adjacent hotel of five floors. Fire crews offensive firefighting helped stop the fire spreading further and protected large parts of the building. The Brigade’s Control took seventeen 999 calls to the visible blaze.

“Firefighters carried out a systematic search of the hotel and around 160 guests and staff evacuated the building. There were no reports of any injuries. A rest centre has been set up by the local authority.

"This is an excellent example of multi-agencies working together to bring a challenging incident under control with no injuries. Police, London Ambulance Service, Hounslow Council, Transport for London and Travelodge’s cohesive approach is ensuring that normality can be restored to the local community as quickly as possible.

“Fire crews will be damping down pockets of fire and carrying out salvage work throughout the morning. Please avoid the area during the morning commute if possible."

The LFB was called at 2.52am and the fire was under control by 6.53am

A spokesman for Travelodge said: “This morning, Wednesday 4 December 2019, reports were made of a fire at our hotel at London Kew Bridge, Brentford. 

"The emergency services attended and have subsequently confirmed that guests have been safely evacuated and there are no reports of injuries. 

"Guests are being looked after locally and our team are now making arrangements for their future accommodation and support. 

"We continue to work with the emergency services at the site and would like to thank them and local agencies for their rapid response, and to offer our thanks to our guests for their cooperation with the evacuation.”