A new film telling the story of two boys caught up in a street war in south London has been pulled from cinemas days after release following a mass brawl involving machetes broke out in Birmingham.

Gangs of youths, some armed with machetes, clashed at the Star City Cinema on Saturday evening at a viewing of the film Blue Story, with seven police officers injured in the violence.

Five teenagers were arrested, including a 13-year old girl, and Vue Cinema has since said it will no longer be showing the film in any of its 91 UK venues.

Vue Cinemas in Croydon, Bromley, Eltham and Clapham all now state on their websites: "No times showing at this venue currently," and a second chain, Showcase Cinemas, has also now pulled the film.

Blue Story focuses on two friends from different south London postcodes, Deptford and Peckham, who end up in a vicious street war.

The two boys were best friends during school, but end up being dragged into the world of violence in a film rated 15 for very strong language, strong violence, threat, sex, and drug misuse.

Blue Story's writer and director, Andrew Onwubolu, has condemned the incident in Birmingham and said his film was about "love not violence."

Onwubolu, also known as Rapman, described the incident as "truly unfortunate," adding that he hoped it was not an "indictment" of the film.

Chief Superintendent Steve Graham said the disorder at the Star City Cinema "may be the worst thing" responding police officers had seen, adding that West Midlands Police would be making further arrests.