The Hayes and Harlington Brexit Party candidate said ‘no one would lose any sleep’ if his party disappeared tomorrow.

Harry Boparai, 44, was originally declared as a candidate in Spelthorne but will now contest Hayes and Harlington after Nigel Farage’s decision to not fight Conservative held seats in the next general election.

Mr Boparai, a Hounslow resident, Heathrow worker and union representative also called for a national assembly to be created to resolve Brexit.

He said: “If the Brexit Party disappeared tomorrow none of us would lose any sleep over it.

“Nigel Farage did not want to create this party he was forced into it.

“I am hoping the party won’t disappear but the goal is to deliver a proper Brexit.

“I’m not a fan of Theresa May but I do agree with the word compromise.”

When asked whether he was frustrated by having to change seats Mr Boparai said he was not surprised as the Brexit Party had told candidates there was a large possibility they would step aside in Conservative held seats.

However, he still called for Conservative candidate Wayne Bridges to stand down in order not to split the Brexit vote.

He said: “The Tories should not be so arrogant, especially after seeing how the Brexit Party did in the European elections.”

John McDonnell was also criticised for his Brexit stance and for his attitudes towards the expansion of Heathrow airport.

As a Heathrow worker Mr Boparai is in favour of the airport’s expansion and believes it is essential to maintain the employment opportunities the airport holds for future generations.

In 2016, Harry Boparai confronted the then Prime Minister David Cameron over uncontrollable immigration levels on live television. 

He received loud applause from the audience after he said: “Sorry Mr Cameron. I voted for you in the last election because one of the things on your manifesto was to get immigration down.

“You haven’t been able to do that because you’re not allowed to do that. That’s the bottom line.

“I’ve seen my standard of living and my family’s standard of living go down because of this influx that we cannot control.”

When asked about this he said: “At one point I ended up saying sorry for embarrassing the prime minister.

“I just wanted an answer from him.”