A 67-year-old cancer sufferer has been forced to return to hospital just 10 days after she was released because community nurses were not able to offer her mobility help at home.

Hemu Vithani and her partner Ushi used to own The Front Page newsagent and post office in Thamesmead, but Hemu is now heavily restricted with her mobility.

The 67-year-old needs at-home care from community nurses and physiotherapists, but following her release from Guy's Hospital at the start of November she was told the NHS would be unable to provide this care.

Her family, who now live in Shooter's Hill, have now been forced to readmit her to Eltham Community Hospital, and her daughter and carer, Priya Jeffs, said she was "completely deflated" by the helplessness of the situation.

Mrs Jeffs, 29, stated: "It is not what any of us would have wanted.

"It feels like there's nothing we can do, and it's sad that her only choice is to go back to hospital care.

"What's really frustrating is my mum is healthy enough to be at home, it's just her mobility that's impaired."

Local community nurses told the family that they were not insured to move Mrs Vithani, and therefore could not provide her with the basic care she needs, Mrs Jeffs said.

"It left me confused, ideally she'd be at home where we could care for her."

The family have been in and out of hospital over the last two and a half years since Hemu was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but Mrs Jeffs said that even in hospital doctors regularly recognise them from their days running The Front Page which they opened in 1987.

People have been in touch over social media with advice and support, but despite best efforts, Mrs Vithani will remain in the Eltham hospital for at least a couple of weeks.

Ushi, aged 69, said that the NHS staff providing care have been "absolutely fantastic," but he added that "unfortunately they seem to be really short on the ground."

"Staff at both hospitals have been brilliant this whole time, but they don't have the resources."

Mrs Jeffs said it felt like a waste of NHS resources, stating: "Surely taking a hospital bed takes more of the NHS budget than someone providing care in the house just a few times a week."

She said her mother had been to a community hospital once before and that it wasn't a suitable environment for her.

"It was really depressing, but I bet she isn't the only one in this situation."