The Brexit Party have named a parliamentary candidate.

Richard Jones, from Maidenhead, has been named as a parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party in the Harrow West constituency.

Mr Jones is now retired but in his past was the owner of a consultancy providing Due Diligence for Private Equity clients. He said: “I am proud to be standing for the Brexit Party, it draws support from all sections of society and across the political spectrum.

The candidate is a father of three adults and has a very extensive history. He joined the RAF in the 1980s as a commissioned officer. His final posting was based in Northwood from 1995 until he left the services in 1999.

After he left the RAF, he worked as a senior manager in the technology division for the John Lewis Partnership. He then formed his consultancy until he retired in 2019.

He said: “If elected, I will represent the constituents in Harrow West with all my energy, irrespective of political affiliations and will do my very best to promote investment in the community and constituency.

“A vote for the Brexit Party is a vote to change politics for good. The first past the post electoral system is no longer fit for purpose. It encourages tactical voting, which cannot be right in a mature democracy, and even more disheartening it encourages many not to vote as they think their vote is wasted.”

Mr Jones claims to have an active role in local life, including being part of the management board for a pub and being involved with local choirs and being a member of a golf club.