Virendra Sharma will stand again as Labour's candidate in Ealing Southall after a bitter battle in his constituency.

Mr Sharma, who has represented the area since 2007, faced a full selection process after losing two 'trigger votes' held by the local party.

But there was controversy after suggestions that some who had voted were not eligible, only for the votes to be upheld after senior Labour figures intervened to restart the process.

Earlier this year Mr Sharma lost a no confidence vote by 41 votes to 18 in a row over him allegedly not attending his constituency meetings for almost two years.

And he faced hostility from local activists, including organisers for Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign group Momentum.

They claimed he 'doesn’t show up when needed' and laid the motion on behalf of union delegate branch Unite’s legal workers.

Mr Sharma hit back claiming the action was motivated by religious and racial grounds, a claim vigorously denied by Ealing Southall’s party officials, who insisted the no confidence motion was supported by a wide mix of religious, racial and area groups.

New Labour Party rules make it easier for local Labour party members to vote for a full parliamentary reselection, a change that has been strongly criticised by long-standing MPs who fear a lack of loyalty towards Mr Corbyn will be punished.

However, Mr Sharma will now contest the seat he first won at a by-election. He won 70.3% of the vote two years ago, increasing his share by 5.3% from the previous election.

Mr Sharma has campaigned for a second EU referendum and his consistency voted 58.17% to remain in 2016.

"I am delighted to have been re-endorsed as the Labour Party candidate for Ealing Southall," he said. "We will fight for equality and fairness in Britain. A Labour Government will turn back the tide on this administration that cuts public services and insults the dead of Grenfell."

The Conservatives, Mr Sharma's closest rivals in 2017, have yet to select their candidate while he also faces Tariq Mahmood (Liberal Democrats), Peter Ward (Renew) and Darren Moore (Green) at the ballot box on December 12.