For any boxer, stepping into the ring seven times in five weeks can be a gruelling task.

Winning all seven bouts however, can be near impossible.

But not for Croydon's Precieux Noka.

The 20-year-old recently took part in the England Boxing National Development Competition in the under 69kg weight division and thanks to his spectacular run of form, came out a champion.

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Picture: Andy Chubb Photography

"The tournament is a gruelling concept that asks a lot of you as an athlete, both physically and mentally," Precieux said.

"The training I have received from my coaches and the training I have put myself through prepared me, I truly believed I was going to win the competition before entering it and did everything in my control to do so."

His journey started on September 20 in the opening round of the London division. Three more fights and three more wins in a matter of nine days and he had qualified for the national tournament.

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Another couple of victories and the Croydon Boxing Club member found himself up against Midlands champion Othaman Said in the final.

Precieux's coach Adam Ballard described what exactly helped him get over the line against "tall and rangy" opponent.

"Othaman boxed on the back foot the whole of the bout, unable to pin Precieux down," he said.

"Precieux used his speed, talent and boxing IQ to deliver well timed attacks catching his opponent with strong back handed attacks."

"I am incredibly proud of Precieux and all he has achieved. He walked in my gym three years ago with his dad and we had a plan that he was going to become the number one boxer in the country.

This Is Local London:

Picture: Andy Chubb Photography

"Croydon ABC is a family club, we don’t do egos and attitudes so its wonderful that one of our own has achieved the amazing title of number one in the country.

"I must mention all the countless hours that fellow head coach Mick “The Brick” Coztias has put into Precieux preparing him for this championship and those that made the countless journeys in supporting him."

For Precieux, he wants this to be a reminder to any and all young people to never give up, no matter what life throws at you.

"I want this to be a message to anyone who thinks they are at rock bottom or involved in crime and negative situations," he said.

"You can truly turn your lives around and achieve whatever goals you set for yourself."