A woman had more than £700 stolen when she was scammed at a car park.

Two men in Oakwood underground station car park, Enfield, pressured a woman, 86, into using a card in a parking meter to steal two of her bank cards on August 8.

The victim who lives in Enfield came forward with her story after reading about a similar incident on October 9 at a car park outside a Marks & Spencer in Winchmore Hill, Southgate.

British Transport Police have confirmed that the incident took place at 10am. A spokesperson said: “One of the men then made off with two of her bank cards, and these cards were then used fraudulently.”

According to the victim, she was coming back from the Post Office on Bramley Road, when she found a man standing beside her car who warned her that someone photographed her registration number and she would be fined if she did not pay.

She said: “My first thought was how nice for him to help me. He asked me for my registration number, and I had my two cards which he could see me putting in my PIN.”

Once she put one card in and it was swallowed by the machine, she inserted another card where the same thing happened.

The victim then noticed that the two men took her card while they claimed that they have to leave. She suggested that the men transacted money three times – once £500, and two £100 transactions. Further money was also spent in a B&Q store and a chemist.

The victim added: “It’s devastating I brought up to trust people. You feel violated, you feel ashamed and you feel like it is such a stupid thing to be involved in.”

All money has since been reimbursed.

British Transport Police have stated that a number of enquiries are ongoing into the incident.

Deana Rodgers, 66, was also a victim of a similar situation in Southgate where she inserted her card into a parking meter when pressured by a man and had £30 taken form her account.