A mother has painted a series of portraits influenced by the homeless people she meets on the streets each week.

Shoshana Gilmore heads into London with her husband Lloyd and a loyal band of helpers to hand out food and clothing, spending time with the dozens of rough sleepers they meet.

The mother of three, who lives in Borehamwood, says she has gained an incredible insight into the plight of the capital’s homeless since embarking on the project nearly three years ago.

Now the 51-year-old art teacher has decided to use her passion of art to highlight the problem.

Mrs Gilmore has painted a series of portraits for her exhibition entitled "The Invisible People".

Drawing on her weekly interactions with the homeless, they show the torrid lives lived by the those on the streets.

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Shoshana Gilmore

Mrs Gilmore said: "My interest in the homeless was sparked by seeing someone sheltering in a park in Watford. He was cocooned in a sleeping bag and had arranged his belongings so neatly, that it caught my eye as an artist.

"It made me want to help and, after starting in Watford, I moved on with Lloyd to visiting the West End every Thursday since January 2017.

"Soon after we started travelling into town, I saw an old lady, with grey curly hair, sitting in a doorway in a shop. I didn’t speak to her that night but I thought about her for days and, incredibly, we have seen her every time we’ve been up since. She’s become our elderly friend on the street.

"We’ve given away tons of clothes and handed out food to at least 30 people each week. We don’t stay in one spot, we visit people where we know they sleep."

At least 18 pieces in all different shapes and sizes will be on show at the exhibition at Compass Residential Estate Agent, 1328 High Road, Whetstone, N20 9HJ from October 27 for a month.

Mrs Gilmore is hoping to sell her artwork to raise money for charity.