An awards ceremony which judges the best of South Asian, Chinese and Thai has named the best Chinese restaurant in the UK.

Hakkaland, Station Road, has been recognised as the best Chinese restaurant in the UK after attending the Asian Restaurant & Takeaway Awards (ARTA) 2019 on October 13 which was held at the Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster.

The awards had over 2,400 applications across the UK for its various categories, including National Chef, Newcomer of the Year award, Best Regional Takeaways and more.

Applications to the award were refined using a survey of over 350,000 customers by ChefOnline, a mobile application to order food and book tables.

Steven Lee, the owner of Hakkaland Harrow, said: “Thank you to ARTA and all of the judges for bestowing this award on Hakkaland!

“We dedicate this award to all of our wonderful customers as without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. We feel immensely proud to be the best Chinese restaurant in the whole of UK!”

Samantha Simmonds, BBC News reader and ARTA ambassador hosted the ceremony and was joined by TV presenter Paul Martin as co-host.

Speaking about the Asian Restaurant & Takeaway Awards 2019, Salik Mohammed Munim, Founder Member and CEO of ARTA, said: “Asian cuisine has embedded itself deep within the beating heart of British culture and brings about so much creativity, flavour, vibrancy and joy to so many.

“There is something truly special about the Asian cuisine industry, which binds communities, regions and an entire nation by the common love of incredible food.

“The ARTA is the perfect platform to recognise the magicians behind the magic that makes the food so superb”.