A Wandsworth mum is furious after a Deliveroo cyclist hurled abuse at her after hitting her son and riding off.

On Sunday, October 6, Joanna Wigley was out walking her dog in King George's Park with some friends and her 21-month-old son Joshua.

"We’re quite used to seeing cyclists hurtling through the park, many of them couriers," she told the Wandsworth Times.

"It’s becoming a worry because the park is a pedestrianised area, but these bikes travel through at such high speed."

On this occasion she could see a Deliveroo cyclist in the distance coming towards them so she went to grab her toddler and pull him out of the way.

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The bruise Joshua was left with

"I thought the guy would slow down," she added.

"But he didn’t. He hit my toddler and my son got caught up in his pedals.

"The guy stumbled, and I thought at the moment he’d get off and apologise, and everything would be ok."

But this was far from the case.

"My boy, of course, was beside himself and received a grazed arm and a bump to his head," she said.

"My initial shock then turned into anger as the guy carried on his bike without even acknowledging us.

"Everyone I was with and other witnesses were calling for him to stop, but he didn’t."

This Is Local London:

In her anger she ran after the cyclist and shouted for him to stop.

"He hurled a lot of abuse back."

A Deliveroo spokesman responded by calling it an "extremely serious matter."

"Deliveroo has been in touch with the woman concerned to underline that she is able to make a free insurance claim, should she wish, under the fee insurance policy that Deliveroo provides.

“Road safety is a priority for Deliveroo and before riding with Deliveroo every rider completes a programme of road safety guidance.

"This guidance includes information videos and content focused on vehicle roadworthiness and maintenance, road safety and what to do in the event of an accident on the road.

"This online safety guidance is available to all riders throughout their time riding with us and is accessible at any time."

This Is Local London:

Joanna said that she isn't angry at cyclists in general, in fact she is one herself.

But more the fact that all she wanted was an apology and the rider refused.

The Deliveroo spokesman added: “All riders are required to meet minimum safety standards and, as with all road users, they must follow all local road safety laws.

"We have a zero tolerance policy for any rider found to have broken the law while working with us, or who has put themselves or anyone else in danger through dangerous driving.

"If a rider is found to have broken the rules of the road, Deliveroo will not work with that rider.”