iFloat Medispa’s Shortlands branch has only been open for a few months, but according to its owner, David Orazov, it’s already picking up a loyal following.

The salon on Beckenham Lane offers dozens of high-end treatments using products that are specially designed for different skin complaints.

Ella, the store manager and senior therapist, greets me with a warm smile as I walk into the salon, slightly flustered and running a few minutes late.

But the stress instantly fades once I am inside and the tranquil setting takes over.

Ella, who has just finished a six-year stint working on yachts, has invited me to try the one-hour Environ facial and a 30-minute Swedish back massage for free (usually £72 and £40 respectively).

But before we get started, there are lots of questions I need to answer to ensure the treatments will be appropriate and safe.

“I need to know everything,” Ella laughs as she hands me a tablet containing a questionnaire.

She’s incredibly thorough and professional as she goes through my answers to the questions, making sure she’s fully aware of everything she needs from me.

It is clear from her experience that Ella knows her stuff, and she gives me a thorough explanation of the products she is using and what they are designed to do.

She knows everything about Environ - the doctor who created the product after he watched two teenagers die of skin cancer; the vitamin A concentrations in the product designed to prevent sun damage; the results her clients have had from the product. I’m obviously in good hands.

Heading upstairs to the equally tranquil treatment room, Ella explains the whole process of the Environ facial so I know what to expect – and, quite rightly, tells me off for not taking good care of my skin.

As the treatment gets underway, Ella layers up my face with three different creams and massages them in with an electric current.

She describes the effect of the electric current as two repelling magnets as the electrical pulses push the cream into the skin.

This treatment may not be suitable for people who suffer from epilepsy due to strobe-effect lighting from the electrical pulse – but this is all covered in the questionnaire.

Next comes the algae face mask, which is heavy but cold and refreshing. I choose to have the mask applied over my face and mouth – but that isn’t essential for customers who find it uncomfortable.

Throughout the whole treatment, Ella keeps me informed so I know what’s going on – she’s well versed in the science behind the products.

Before I know it, an hour is up (far too soon, for my liking) and we head to a different treatment room for a Swedish massage.

The half-hour session also passes in a flash and Ella has been brilliantly attentive – even bringing me a green tea as I have a chat with David.

He explains he got involved in the beauty industry a few years ago, following the lead of his wife, Sophia, who has been working in beauty for most of her career.

Since the Shortlands branch opened in the summer, following the success of the Petts Wood salon, David says every customer they have had has returned for another treatment.

I, for one, will certainly be back.

Disclaimer: iFloat Medispa provided the services written about in this article free of charge