Epping Town Council is supporting a call for double yellow lines to be introduced to stop commute parking.

Coopersale Hall School says the situation along Flux Lane, Epping, has worsened since parking restrictions were increased around Epping Station.

The school says with the school having seen a "knock-on effect" of up to three to five vehicles tightly parked at the junction with Stewards Green Road.

Yellow lines on both sides of Flux's Lane, from the Stewards Green Road junction to the electric gates of the independent prep school is now being proposed.

Tony Kinsey, chairman of the 1st Theydon Garnon Scouts said the group is "deeply concerned" about the obstruction which is causing its members to "walk into the road and into the path of traffic on a blind bend on a poorly lit road".

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Coopersale Hall School has seen an increase number of vehichles parking along Flux Lane, Epping

Speaking on behalf of Epping residents a Flux's Lane resident, addressed Epping the Town Council at their meeting on Tuesday, October 8.

They said that the road is used by many people from dog walkers, students, Epping Golf Course, businesses people and the scouts.

She said: "Pedestrians are now walking in the road and there are no streetlights. That junction is not the nicest of junctions as it is.

"With the vehicles parked there it is effectively making it one-way traffic.

"There are lots of people that use it."

Town and district councillor Nigel Avey said there was overwhelming town council support for the yellow lines and evidence supporting the calls would be sent to Epping Forest District Council.