A mother and daughter from Wimbledon were the first wheelchair team over the finish line at the Paris Roller Marathon on Sunday.

Sam Carlisle and Elvi Wilson, a wheelchair user, finished the course which started and finished at the Eiffel Tower and snaked through the city’s streets, in one hour and 52 minutes.

But it was far from an easy ride.

“It was absolutely pouring with rain so my skates were sliding across the tarmac with very little traction," Sam said.

"I had to keep a very tight grip of Elvi’s chair, particularly on the steep downhill slopes. There were lots of skaters crashing around us but we managed to stay upright.

“The Parisian crowds gave us such big cheers when they saw Elvi’s big smile it was worth it. She has gone to school today proudly showing off her medal."

Elvi, 18, who goes to Linden Lodge School in Southfields, has a rare genetic disorder called RCDP. There are just four children in the UK known to have the condition.

Sam added: “It means she has severe learning disabilities and can’t walk.

"But she loves socialising, being outside and the sensation of speed, so this is the perfect sport for her.”

The pair have been wheelchair skating for two years since stumbling across the charity Wheels And Wheelchairs in Battersea Park two years ago.

The charity is run by highly-experienced roller skaters who push people with disabilities in wheelchairs adapted with an extra racing wheel at the front. The chairs are pushed by a team of skaters and can reach 20 mph. The sessions are also free for wheelchair users.

Sam has learned to skate so that she can push Elvi alongside the more experienced rollerbladers.

“We skate every Saturday in Battersea Park and have begun to join the London street skates on Sundays that sees over a hundred able bodied and wheelchair skaters skate through the city for about ten miles," Sam said.

“It’s the perfect sport for us, it means I can keep fit while Elvi takes part in something she loves.

“This weekend was a great example, there were three skaters pushing her chair and we travelled with another team who took part in the full marathon. It was exhilarating for both of us.”