A popular police dog will soon be granted a deserved retirement after another successful shift.

'Ziggi Tigger' helped PC Robinson on Saturday (September 21) night after a teenage boy, 16, tried to evade them.

He was chased along William Foster Lane and into Burnell Avenue after a call from Welling Station.

The suspect was arrested after Tigger intercepted him and an "old police truncheon" was then found in a nearby garden.

This Is Local London:

Welling Police reported that it could be one of the dog last jobs before his retirement next week.

A statement read: "The male was chased into properties on Burnell Avenue and found by a police dog 'Ziggi' Tigger (who has come to PC Robinson’s aid before) In the rear of a property on Burnell Avenue.

"A subsequent search of the local gardens found a rucksack he was seen to be carrying containing a old police truncheon.

"This is likely one of PD Tigger last jobs as he retired from service next week."