Fundraisers planning to open a therapeutic centre for children in Twickenham have less than eight weeks to raise enough money to secure the project.

The Purple Elephant Project has already raised seven per cent of the required funds, but more than £25,000 is still needed to transform an ex-caretaker's home at Chase Bridge School in Kneller Road to make it fit for purpose.

If successful – the money will go towards play therapy rooms, group training rooms, a therapeutic garden space, toys, art materials, sensory equipment, bamboo privacy screens and an office.

The project will also be working closely with schools and local authorities to offer additional support for children's services.

Anna Wall-Budden from the Purple Elephant Project said: “Our founder, Jenny is a play therapist who currently works directly with children in the Whitton, Twickenham and Hounslow areas and can see that there is a greater need than she can support by herself.

“By setting up the Purple Elephant Project, Jenny will be able to widen the reach to other schools, other areas, and more families, by bringing more play therapists in and ensuring there is sufficient financial backing to fund their heavily subsidised placements.

“Additionally, individual (means-based) support will be available to families when funding is available - ensuring that the families in the greatest need are helped first.”

According to a report published in 2019, by the National Education Union and the National Audit Office - councils are facing significant cuts to funding and it is estimated that around 93 per cent of local authorities are experiencing financial cuts which leaves a devastating effect on the provision of children’s services and specialist provisions in England.

The reports also suggest that most authorities are having to overspend their budgets for provision of children’s social care.

When asked about how the Purple Elephant Project will benefit families across the borough Ms Wall-Budden said: “The Purple Elephant project will exist to support children, families and schools in need, and therefore children will be involved directly if receiving support.

“We have secured a wonderful site in Twickenham and it seems the perfect opportunity to help children and families locally, before - hopefully, who knows! - opening similar facilities in other areas.”

The Purple Elephant Project have set up a crowd funding page and all fundraising efforts such as ‘bake sales,’ ‘sponsored walks,’ and having a ‘positive purple day’ at schools are also welcome.

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