A teacher has unexpectedly died after suffering a heart attack in the school that they taught at, according to a head teacher. 

The teacher, from St Michaels Catholic Grammar School in north Finchley, collapsed in the staff area last Tuesday (September 10).

Head teacher Michael Stimpson said CPR had been performed by teachers until an ambulance arrived, but the teacher was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mr Stimpson said: “It was unexpected as the teacher did not appear to be ill.

“Everyone is very quiet and lots of students were in tears. We are all in a state of shock.”

Mr Stimpson added the teacher was “inspirational” and hundreds of students had brought in flowers as a tribute.

He also said students could at any time visit the school Chaplin if they felt they needed to talk to someone.

Mr Stimpson said: “He was an inspirational teacher who showed enthusiasm and whipped people into excitement.

“I feel like part of the school is missing now.”

The teacher’s name has been omitted from this article at the request of the family.