For months a serial vomiter has been plaguing an Earlsfield road by leaving the disgusting mess on people's cars.

Sammy Shuter lives in Tilehurst Road and can't wrap her head around why this is happening.

"Whoever it is they are vomiting on at least three cars each time when they do it," she told the Wandsworth Times.

"Twice now I've had mine vomited on."

This Is Local London:

Sammy said this month has been one of the worst.

"On September 6 I left my car parked outside at around 6pm, went out to work at 10pm to find vomit on the passenger side window," she added.

"Then last night (September 16) I realised when walking my dog at around 10pm that they'd struck again.

"At least three cars vomited on, again on the windows and car handle, none on the floor."

This Is Local London:

Some have suggested to her that the mess is actually caused by passing bin lorries.

But Sammy said that couldn't be the case as it always occurred on the pavement side and between the hours of 6pm and 10pm, a good 12 hours after they do the rounds.

"We are quite a distance from any pubs," she said.

This Is Local London:

"They always seem to vomit around 100 Tilehurst Road and it's always around three cars. Always on the windows and handles, none on the floor."

She believes it must be someone local, but so far has no leads that would help catch the culprit.

Police have urged anyone with information into the matter to contact them on 101.