A man celebrating his birthday in the sunshine confronted a woman suspected of callously stealing plants at the Beckenham War Memorial.

Mark Stott, 52, was outside the Bricklayers Arms on Sunday (September 15) when a woman supposedly began digging up plants at the roundabout.

Every Sunday local hero Garnet Frost, 65, cleans the memorial in recognition of the brave men and woman whose lives were lost in war.

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This Is Local London:

He was disappointed after learning plants had been stolen and Mark told News Shopper the alleged thief "didn’t give a monkeys" what she was doing.

"She was digging them up and had bags with her," Mark, who initially thought she was there to help Garnet, said.

"It wasn’t spur of the moment. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she didn’t care and marched off down the street."

According to Mark, at least five big plants were taken.

He said he was disgusted that someone would steal from a war memorial, especially after the hours Garnet has dedicated to improving its appearance.

"Garnet was obviously gutted," he added.

Mark has dismissed claims the woman responsible may have mental health issues and said her actions were unacceptable.

"I know you can’t see mental health, but she definitely didn’t look like she did – she looked like she was on a mission.

"She knew exactly what she was doing."

Garnet told News Shopper that if you put things into perspective the stolen flowers "pales into insignificance when compared with the actions of our local council".

He questioned why no money had been allocated to cleaning the memorial and that if anyone is to be named and shamed it is the council. 

We understand police were not officially contacted about the theft.