The sister of a kind-hearted boy whose heart condition cut his life tragically short has paid tribute to her inspiring brother.

Victor Kot, 16, from Grove Park, often spoke about death and urged his family not to cry when he was gone.

His sister, Veronika, 18, is now raising money to allow her brother to be buried in Poland, where the family originates.

"He was never scared of death," Veronika told News Shopper. "He would always say 'if I die don’t cry and I will be in a happier place'."

Victor was born with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy but refused to be treated differently despite the constant medication and hospital visits.

One side of his heart was bigger than the other and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy makes it harder for the heart to pump blood. 

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"You would never catch Victor upset," his sister said. "My mum was the only one to see him cry and even when he was in pain he would smile.

"He was gone too soon."

Almost £4,000 has been raised since his death and the family want to make a memorial for Victor at his local church in Downham.

Other funds will help return Victor to Poland – where his parents are from.

He visited cousins in Poland this summer and his sister said he had the "best time".

Veronika, who works at Gatwick Airport, said the support since her brother’s death had been overwhelming.

This Is Local London:

"This is the first day we have not had people knocking to see how we are," she said. "People have been leaving at 12 at night.

"Victor was the real connector and brought everyone together, we are all realising that now.

"We are all so shattered. He always had this energy and this goodness."

Her brother, who was an altar boy at Sundays, was known for "always putting others first" and would often travel to Bermondsey to walk his best friend, Patricia, home from school.

She was the last person he spoke to before he died.

Veronika said she was proud of her brother's selflessness and said one her best memories was organising a surprise 16th birthday party in June.

"He just knew everything," she laughed. "He had a limitless card for Odeon and was constantly at the cinema.

"He could tell you about any film in the world."

Veronika said her brother told her he would be laughing down on her from above if she did cry. 

She added: "I just remember him as this lovely boy – he was so smiley."

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