A Harrow MP is holding a petition to prevent the further closures of walk-in clinics.

Petitions backed by Harrow West Labour MP, Gareth Thomas, are being shared to prevent the closures of walk-in services from Belmont Health Centre and The Pinn Medical Centre, following the previous closure of the walk-in services at Alexandra Avenue Health Centre.

The petitions are timely due to the impending closures of Belmont Health Centre walk-in centre in November 2019, with the Pinn Medical Centre expected to halt their walk-in service in 2020.

Alexandra Avenue Health Centre closed its walk-in services in November 2018, as the Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) explained that the decision was needed to improve access to primary care.

By gaining signatures from Harrow residents, Mr Thomas hopes to bring the importance of the walk-in clinics to the attention of Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health.

Mr Thomas said: “Immediately following the removal of the walk-in service at Alexandra Avenue, in November 2018, we saw increased pressures begin to mount on Hospitals and GP services across North West London.

“The closure of walk-in services at Alexandra Avenue has contributed to unacceptable numbers of sick people waiting too long to be get treated.

“The Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, must listen to people of Harrow, these centres provide a hugely valuable service, we want to keep them, and we want to re-open walk-in services at Alexandra Avenue.”

Alexandra Avenue’s closure stopped the nearly 40,000 walk-in appoints each year, with further closures expecting to deprive Harrow residents even further.

On Facebook, Mr Thomas wrote that “we need to send a clear message” about the vitality of walk-in clinics.

To sign the petition and share your support in the value of walk-in centres, click here.