A woman has been fined for leaving meat in and around Wimbledon parks.

Taking to Facebook to share the news, Merton Police said they recently received reports of leftover meat being discarded in parks around the area.

"Residents were worried that someone might be attempting to poison animals that use the parks, and we can confirm that no poison was found on the leftovers," the post read.

"They spoke to the person that has been doing it and she confirmed that it was for the foxes in the locality. They told her it was fowl to litter in such a manner."

As a result she was issued with a fine.

Late last year similar alarm bells were raised when raw chicken pieces were found scattered across Wimbledon. At the time dog owners spoke out to voice their concern that the meat may be poisonous as the deaths of three foxes had been reported.

It is not believed that this particular incident was linked to the ones in 2018 though.

However, police did add that if this behaviour continues, to contact your local safer neighbourhoods team where it will be further dealt with.