A children’s author has published her latest book following the adventures of a time-travelling cat who lives in the district.

‘Toby and The Princess’ is penned by author Joyce Yull, from Waltham Abbey, who tells the tale of Toby the cat who is transported back to infamous Battle of Hastings.

The feline meets Princess Gytha before travelling to Russia, encountering several dangers in order for the Princess to marry Prince Vladimir of Novgorod.

The novel is a sequel to Toby’s first adventure where he was transported back to Waltham Abbey during the First World War.

The idea for the books started when Ms Yull’s granddaughter Emily decided to enter a story competition two years ago.

Her granddaughter originally created the character of Toby who is based on a cat well-known amongst residents who lives on Sun Street, Waltham Abbey.

Sadly, Emily never finished her novel, so her mother made the suggestion that Ms Yull finished the story.

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Joyce Yull with the real-life Toby the cat - the inspiration for the stories main character.

In total, 70 residents and businesses across Waltham Abbey have sponsored the publishing of the children’s book.

The children’s author even created the story’s illustrations and has carefully based her characters on real-life historical figures associated with the town.

Princess Gytha was the daughter of King Harold of England and she lived in her parent’s lodges in Waltham and Nazeing in 1066.

Ms Yull said that she hopes that not only children, but also their parents and grandparents will enjoy reading Toby’s adventures and learn about the town history.

‘Toby and the Princess’ is available to buy at the Waltham Abbey Tourist Centre, the Waltham Abbey Church Shop and Epping Forest Museum.

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