Plans for a part 9, 11 and 13 storey building in the heart of Epsom have been met with heavy criticism.

Since the development plans for 24-28 West Street were submitted last month, 265 objections have bee lodged on the council's website, with just one comment supporting them.

DAP Architecture submitted the designs that would see the existing site demolished to make way for 29 "high quality" apartments and a row of shops.

"We believe the site provides a fantastic opportunity for a landmark development on a prominent corner site on the edge of the town centre," the application read.

"The development will ensure a good standard of living for all future residents as a result of a high quality design and layout."

But residents nearby the potential tower block disagree.

"This overdevelopment proposal will undoubtedly impact on the visual character of Epsom in line with other giant eyesore blocks in the station area built in recent years which are have

been very unpopular with local residents," one of the hundreds of objectors commented.

"Redevelopment on this site is inevitable but it has been sad to see our beautiful old town taking on the appearance of a mini-Croydon recently due to characterless architecture."

Another objector lamented the lack of parking space.

"It is a huge building with absolutely no parking facilities which in my opinion is utter madness," the comment read.

"If you can afford to buy a nice shiny new two or three bedroom apartment you are unlikely not to have at least one car belonging to yourself or family that needs to be parked somewhere, even if you do commute to work."