A secondary school in Orpington requires improvement after its latest inspection found shortcomings in the quality of teaching.

However, Harris Academy Orpington judge the Ofsted report as a step in the right direction in comparison to the 'inadequate' inspection in 2016 when it was known as The Priory School.

The latest report, published this month, found a constant changeover of staff had impacted on student learning.

Parent’s opinions of the school were mixed after 39 mums and dads responded to an Ofsted questionnaire.

It found that 69 per cent of parents would not recommend the school to another parent and almost all of the 34 comments sent via the Ofsted free-text service were negative.

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Inspectors visited in June and concluded that homework was inconsistently set.

Quality of teaching was also questioned with lessons often being "too challenging" or "too easy".

Some pupils, including those in Years 9 and 10, received "barely any homework" whereas others received "lots".

Ofsted inspectors were also worried that too many students were being temporarily excluded – including those with special needs.

The report concluded: "The proportion of permanent exclusions, though reduced, remains higher than average."

Harris Academy Orpington replaced The Priory School in September 2017 and a newly appointed head is beginning to "improve the attitudes of pupils" who are said to now feel valued.

The school was praised by Ofsted for how well sixth form students were achieving.

"Sixth formers speak very positively about the quality of education they receive. Leaders and staff work hard and effective," the report stated.

Responding to the report, which concluded that the academy required improvement, a spokesperson for Harris Federation offered the below statement:

"We are pleased Ofsted has concluded the school is no longer failing, for the first time since The Priory School was judged Inadequate’ in March 2016.

The leaders of Harris Academy Orpington, and more widely within the Harris Federation, have exceptional track records in education.

Particularly with the significantly improved GCSE results we had this summer, we are clear that this school is well on its way to becoming good.

We look forward to working closely with staff and parents over the coming academic year to put in place all of the improvements needed."