A Plumstead woman has been sentenced after stealing a large amount of coffee from a supermarket.

Officers were Called on May 24 to the Co-op at The Oval in Sidcup.

A man and woman has entered the shop and the man stole a quantity of coffee and the woman stole meat, coffee and flowers.

They later returned to the shop to steal more, combined they stole around £160 worth of stock.

The CCTV at The Co-Op is of excellent quality and the suspects were quickly identified by officers.

The woman came in for a voluntary interview, they were both charged on August 6.

On August 14, Alana Enderson, 32, Plumstead Common Road pleaded guilty to stealing meat and coffee to the value of £113.71.

Alana was sentenced to six months conditional discharge and ordered to pay £113.71 in compensation to the victim.

Lee Bishop will be arrested and put before the court.