Luck may not be on motorcyclists’ sides in North London postcodes as the area has the most motorcycle crashes than any other postcodes in the UK.

Analysis between 2003 to 2018 byCarole Nash, a motorcycle insurance broker, shows that postcodes within Harrow have the highest rates of non-fault accidents, with other North London postcodes in Enfield and North West London being among the top five areas.

Two-thirds of motorcycle accident claims in Harrow were not the fault of the driver, with 66 per cent of accidents taking place in Harrow.

Enfield and North West London each had 56 per cent of UK motorcycle accidents within their postcodes making it the fourth and fifth areas in the UK prone to non-fault accidents.

Postcodes with the highest non-fault motorcycle accident claims:

1. HA – Harrow – 66%

2. CR – Croydon – 59%

3. SM – Sutton – 57%

4. EN – Enfield – 56%

5. NW – North West London – 56%

6. UB – Southall – 55%

7. DA – Dartford – 54%

8. ME – Rochester – 54%

9. CT – Canterbury – 54%

10. TR – Truro – 54%

Rebecca Donohue, the head of marketing at Carole Nash, said: “It’s really alarming to see that many motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the rider. It’s vitally important that car drivers are made aware that bikers are out on the roads, especially because there are far more non-fault claims than fault claims by motorcyclists.

“I urge all road users, especially those in the ‘unluckiest’ areas that are at a higher risk, to take care and be considerate of motorcyclists.”

Riders should also be warned that trends indicate September has the greatest number of non-fault accidents within the last 16 years, with January having the least amount of accidents.