CCTV will be installed at a public garden after empty bottles of alcohol and dozens of ‘laughing gas’ canisters were found at the site.

Volunteers at Bernays Gardens, in Church Road, Stanmore, were shocked to find rubbish strewn over the grass and pavilion on Saturday morning (August 10).

It included an empty bottle of vodka and plastic shot glasses, some of which were broken into sharp pieces.

There were also deflated balloons and “almost 50” metal nitrous oxide canisters, suggesting that ‘laughing gas’ was taken in the park.

Anne Butlin, who volunteers at the garden, explained the group is “used to picking up all kinds of rubbish” but the rubbish usually consists of fast food wrappers and boxes.

She added that there have been nitrous canisters before – though not on this scale – and noted that the plastic shards would be particularly hazardous to children playing in the park.

The group plans to lock the park’s gates earlier to stop anti-social behaviour.

Harrow Council, which manages the land, said it will also take measures to help combat drinking and littering in the park.

This includes the installation of security cameras, an idea put forward by Stanmore Park councillors Marilyn Ashton, Camilla Bath and Philip Benjamin who suggested it would be a good use of levies paid by developers in the ward. 

A spokeswoman for the council said: “We can confirm that CCTV will be installed to help deter this disgusting behaviour and it will also help us find and fine the individuals who are blighting the area.”

Cllr Ashton added there are several other improvements planned in Stanmore, including a new seat in The Broadway and additional street lighting in darker areas.