An Enfield man has said he is happy to be alive after a large tree piled on top of his car.

Hardley Cox was left in shock after heavy winds yesterday (Tuesday) blew the tree onto his Mercedes 220 near Bourne Hill, resulting in major damage to the car.

Shocking photos show a sharp branch pierce the windscreen, as well as shattered glass inside and next to the car.

Mr Cox, who was fortunately not in the car when the incident happened, said: “My car is absolutely smashed.

“I have a feeling that it will be written off.

“I am just happy to be alive.”

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Photo Credit Hardley Cox

Video footage taken by Mr Cox shows tree surgeons working to remove the tree.

He said his Mercedes will be recovered tomorrow morning.

Victoria Evans, who works at The Woodman Palmers Green Pub in Enfield, said she heard the tree fall when she was inside the pub.

She said: “I heard something crack first of all and then a car alarm go off.

“I was shocked at what I saw. I did not expect the tree to fall.”

This Is Local London:

Photo Credit Hardley Cox

This Is Local London:

Photo Credit Victoria Evans