Interest in Freemasonry across Essex is at a five-year high according to new statistics.

In the last four months more than 300 enquiries from people wanting to know more about the organisation and is expected to increase throughout the next year.

There are almost 9,000 Freemasons in Essex meeting at 305 separate Lodges, based in 27 different Centres across the County.

Some Lodges have reported that they now have a two-year waiting list following the surge of people keen to sign up.

Rodney Bass OBE, provincial grand master for Essex Freemasons, said: “Society has changed dramatically in recent years and we are now seeing a growing situation where more men of all ages are seeking to belong to an organisation where standards and principles have remained constant.

“Kindness, integrity, honesty and many other facets such as support for charities might seem a little old fashioned, but it is striking a chord with those looking to put something back into their communities.”

Freemasonary in the UK celebrated their three-hundredth anniversary in 2017 famed for being a secret society who pride themselves being good law-abiding citizens.

Such is the interest in become a Freemason has resulted new Lodges being launched in order to meet the high demands.

“Potential members have seen past much of the nonsense that has been written about us over the years and have realised that Masonry is fun,” said Mr Bass. “an organisation where you can make many new friends and be part of something much bigger.”

“Yes, we have ceremonies, similar to short plays which can be challenging and entertaining and this is what makes us different to other organisations.

“They are based on centuries of history and tradition – and potential new members welcome this part of Freemasonry as much as the social side.”

A series of open evenings at Masonic Centres across Essex are being organised over the next 12 months where potential members will be given tours and shown the infamous Freemasonry handshake.

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