An Eltham gym has hit back at two of its "former employees" after an image purporting to show a freezer at the gym "filled with rotting meat" was shared online.

A man who described himself as a member of Kinesis Gym and Fitness Centre, on Well Hall Road, contacted News Shopper with the photos, which have also been share on social media.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, because he is "still a member of the gym" said: "Customers had been complaining about a smell in the reception area.

"I asked a member of staff who was on duty, what the terrible smell was.

"He took me into the kitchen area where protein shakes and food is prepared and sold, and opened a side door to show me a chest freezer that had been turned off."

The member of staff allegedly opened the freezer and said it was half full of black and green rotting meat.

The customer continued: "He said it was the owner's food, and had been in there since last July or August, when the freezer stopped working."

However, the Managing Director of the gym has hit back and dispelled the rumours.

Dan Suggars told News Shopper: "The guy who sent the photo was a former employee. He entered into a relationship with a woman who was our receptionist and over the course of the last 4 months she was employed we had countless complaints from both members and staff.

"We gave her two verbal warnings but also told him it was unacceptable. They didn’t listen and she was dismissed in June."

"The latest thing she has done is to start posting the photo and comments on facebook.

This Is Local London:

"We had a freezer a few years ago, where we used to keep ice to add to the shakes but we installed an ice machine quite a while ago."

The "former employee", who sent News Shopper the photograph, said he had recently been in touch with Greenwich council environmental health and that they had launched a full investigation.

However since this allegation was made, the gym has disputed this.

Greenwich Council has been contacted for comment.