Pizza Express has opened in Eltham following on from the successful launch of Vue cinema.

Cllr Danny Thorpe said: "With the opening of Pizza Express, Eltham High Street continues to go from strength to strength.

"There are not many councils who can say they have built a six screen cinema and restaurant complex - where once a pound shop stood now we have a national pizza chain - and a destination for people to spend their evenings out."

As part of a Council's masterplan for the town centre, Eltham has benefited from a major £6.6m improvement scheme, primarily funded by Transport for London, which has made it more attractive for people walking and cycling.

As part of this work pavements have been significantly widened, trees have been planted, benches have been installed and there are now cycle lanes and a 20mph speed limit.

Cllr Sizwe James said: "The opening of Pizza Express, Nandos and Vue is the culmination of years of hard work and the icing on the cake following the Council’s ambitious regeneration of Eltham High Street.

"It is now a thriving and vibrant place to shop and relax with only half the amount of empty shops compared to London’s average."

Eltham is one of the three major town centres in the Royal Borough, along with Greenwich and Woolwich.

Historically important as the place where Henry VIII grew up, it is a thriving centre with a mix of national brands and independent shops.

Work is underway on a Sky Café which will be opening in the coming months.