A head teacher has warned that four nursery schools in Barnet could be at threat of closure if they do not receive funding they desperately need.

The schools, three of which are part of the Barnet Early Years Alliance (BEYA), have not received government supplementary funding for several years.

The funding brings more money to nurseries to help provide high quality care and education during early years.

BEYA looks after Brookhill, Hampen Way and St Margaret’s Nursery Schools. Moss Hall Nursery School would also be affected without the funding.

At a meeting with politicians at St Margaret’s Nursery School in New Barnet, BEYA called on the Government to ensure there is adequate funding to all nursery schools.

Caron Rudge, executive head teacher at BEYA, said: “Without additional funding our primary schools will not survive.

“We need this funding otherwise nursery schools will have to close.”

One parent, whose son attends St Margaret’s Nursery School, said that if the nursery closes due to lack of funding, he will not receive a nursery education.

Leah Olima, 37, from High Barnet, said: “My child won’t get the foundation needed to start off in life without funding.

“For me the nursery is part of the community, and it would be devastating if it disappeared.”

BEYA wants the Government to show its commitment to nursery education by funding it properly.

Emma Whysall, the Labour parliamentary candidate for Chipping Barnet, added it was “awful” that the nursery schools in Barnet were at threat of closure.

She said: “We know that the first few years for children are the most important to get children reaching the highest level of educational attainment.

“If we lose the nursery schools, we lose that resource.”

Alison Moore, Labour councillor for east Finchley, said it was more important than ever to support young people and their parents and families.

She said: “I know as a school governor how important the Early Years provision is for all families in terms of preparing their children for school, but also allowing parents to work to support their families.

“One of the challenges with the financial cuts over the last few years, particularly facing nursery schools at the moment, is that many of them are struggling to survive.”

The Department for Education has been approached for a comment.