A lost bunny who was taken in by Epping Town Council after being found in a recreation ground has found a new home.

The young rabbit, who is now named Bella, is now being taken care by nine-year-old Mia Bayley-Trim, who officially adopted her on Friday, July 12.

Epping Town Council made the decision to have the animal rehomed after no one came forward to claim Bella, following a month-long appeal.

Beverley Rumsey, clerk for Epping Town Council, said choosing who should have the bunny was an easy decision, saying: “Jayne Bayley-Trim is one of our caretakers, so she had met Bella in the office.

“Jayne (Mia’s mum) has had a rabbit before so understands what is involved. We knew they would be able to take good care of her.”

The bunny was found on Monday June, 17 hopping around Stonards Hill, Epping, by town supervisor, Bill Towers, and groundsman, Dave Manning.

The young creature was then brought it to Epping Hall for safekeeping, with no injuries apart from a scratched nose.

Bella thought to be around four to six months old, was nicknamed ‘Smudge’ by staff due to her white fur with brown marks during her five-week stay.

Ms Rumsey added: “We were lucky that she was found early and came to us in good health. She has been vet checked and is well.

“Her personality has developed while she has been with us, she is quite a character.

“Bella bunny will be missed by Epping Town Council staff who have been caring for her.”

If anyone finds an animal or is not able to look after their own pet, please contact the RSPCA Essex South West Branch on 07876 753228 so they can be rehomed/looked after.