The urgent care centre at a Brent hospital will have its hours reduced as part of the local clinical commissioning group’s (CCG’s) cost-cutting measures.

Central Middlesex Hospital, in Acton Lane, will see the urgent care centre closed between 12am and 8am.

Brent CCG explained this will save around £450,000-£500,000 a year – funds which can be used to support other healthcare facilities in the region.

Sheik Auladin, managing director of Brent CCG, said the current set-up “does not represent good value for money” since around one patient per hour uses the centre’s facility during these hours.

Patients who do need urgent care during these times will be advised to visit nearby centres, such as Northwick Park or Charing Cross hospitals.

Mr Auladin pointed out that, while the CCG would not like to make these changes, it is facing a deficit of £9 million.

“When you are in deficit, every penny counts,” he said. “We are required to make savings in areas where we feel we are not getting value for money.”

Brent Council’s community and wellbeing scrutiny committee said the changes would have to be effectively communicated to the public and urged the CCG to support users in every way it can.

Cllr Ketan Sheth, chairman of the committee, said patient safety is “the primary concern” when it comes to delivering healthcare services.

He pushed for a free transport service to the nearby facilities – a request that could not be guaranteed by the CCG – and agreed that a freephone at Central Middlesex would be useful in providing patients with information.

Dr Madhukar Patel, chairman of Brent CCG, explained the group’s clinical directorate “unanimously supports” the change and the borough’s GPs “understand” the move.

The committee supported the engagement on the proposals, and, once confirmation is secured from the A&E delivery board, the CCG will give three months’ notice of the alterations.