An original Blackheath donkey has been found stabbed in an Eltham field.

Bimbo was found on Friday with an unexpected injury, leaving people asking how this could have happened.

Lorayne Ahmet, whose father used to run the Blackheath donkey rides, is appealing to anyone who might have witnessed the attack.

She said: "On Friday I went to the field where the donkeys are kept in Eltham after a lady contacted me stating one of the donkeys had an injury."

She said her worst fears were realised when the vet confirmed it was indeed a stab wound.

Lorayne's father, Len Thorne, ran the Blackheath Donkey Rides for more than 60 years up until his death in 2012.

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Since then the donkeys have been in semi-retirement and are kept in a field in Eltham.

Lorayne said: "I can’t believe some one could be so cruel to do this."

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A fundraiser has now been set up to help with vets bills and also to build higher fences to keep them safe.

It has already raised over £1,000 and has had a huge amount of support from people who used to go on the donkey rides.

You can donate to the fundraiser here.

In a Facebook post, Lorayne said: "Update on Bimbo - Vet confirmed that he had a stab wound. The knife went in about a few inches diagonally, luckily because he is quite well covered it didn’t pierce his perineum.

"The vet wants the wound to drain as there is an infection in the wound. We are constantly monitoring as we are worried infection may get into perineum."

Do you have any information that might help?