Concerned parents of up to 60 Biggin Hill students who had their WhatsApp  group chat "hacked" by a stranger have contacted the police. 

This comes just one month after Charles Darwin School, on Jail Lane, was in the news again after a third reported child abduction attempt since November.

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The latest scare involves "several" Year 7 students who are said to have been approached on social media by someone reportedly using an international number.

Mr Sunil Chotai, head teacher, told News Shopper it was a "messy and unsavoury" situation to deal with.

One parent said her husband went to the police after inappropriate pictures were sent to her son and his friends’ WhatsApp group by a stranger.

"He was asking for help at first then started to send pictures," the mum, who wished not to be named, told News Shopper.

"They were blurry although you could tell they would be inappropriate for children of that age. My son very quickly told me about it and my husband took the phone to the police station.

She added: "I am concerned how this man has managed to obtain so many numbers of children that attend Darwin."

The boys have since blocked the number from their phones.

Mr Chotai believes a WhatsApp group with up to 60 pupils was "hacked" and said the school has been dealing with appropriate authorities since the start of the week.

He said: "We have contacted police and encourage parents to do the same. The police are investigating further and the response has been good.

"Someone started sending enticing messages to these children.

"We have reinforced our online safety message and reminded children of what good practice is.

He added: "I have been really impressed with our children, those who were contacted handled it very maturely and did not respond. They spoke with parents and I am really quite pleased with how everybody has handled this which gives us reassurance.

"We want to encourage parents to discuss this with their children whether they have been affected or not. We will be doing that in school but also want parents to have one on ones at home."

The head teacher added that parents will be given an update in this week's news letter.

A Bromley Neighbourhood Watch statement added: "Several children at a local school have been contacted on WhatsApp by an anonymous man, the number is an international one.

"Please speak to any young people you care for and report any suspicious behaviour to your local police station."