Sidcup police has detailed what you should do if you are victim on crime on a London bus.

If you are out and about and something happens to you, whether it is verbal or physical abuse, there is always ways of obtaining CCTV from buses.

All London buses have around 19 good quality cameras on them, inside and out and CCTV evidence can make all the difference.

For Police to obtain CCTV from a bus there are number of pieces of information needed.he registration number of the bus, the fleet or bonnet number which is circled in the first picture below. This is also often just to the right of the front entry doors or on the front as in the picture.

One of the most important things is the number on the yellow card in the windscreen (circled on the second picture). This is the running number and this will tell TFL which bus was on a particular route on that day.

Along with time of day, route number and destination. A combination of at least two or three of these will increase massively the chances of the police retrieving the CCTV.

You can also indicate to the driver to stop the bus and “do a code red”.

This is a signal sent to the TFL control room that will alert the police for a response. If you can, ask the driver to print an inspectors ticket for the police. A lot of the information needed will be on that ticket.

Every borough also has a Safer Transport Team who will retrieve CCTV from TFL but without this information will be unable to do so.