A GREENFORD eye expert is warning people to regularly get their eyes checked to identify glaucoma.

It’s the hidden eye disease which doesn’t show up until it is quite far progressed and the condition is at its worst. It can lead to blindness.

But regular checks will thwart it a lot earlier on with a much better prognosis – and Regular eye health checks would prevent the condition rearing its head, says optometrist Nawaz Haque.

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He is speaking out ahead of National Glaucoma Week (June 17-23) as he didn’t realise he had the disease for many years himself.

In Ealing, there are an estimated 8,080 people living with sight loss but between now and 2030 there is estimated to be an increase of 26% in the number living with glaucoma in the borough.

The direct cost of sight loss in Ealing is estimated to be £11.2m each year.