A planning application for a new restaurant to install extractor fans next to a block of flats has been deferred for a second time.

Zara Bar and Grill is set to open on The Broadway, Loughton.

The restaurant submitted its application to Epping Forest District Council to reduce its proposed fan units from five to two.

However, 44 residents at neighbouring apartments at Landmark House signed a petition against the plans.

Objector and resident at The Landmark, Mrs Georgio, gave a three-minute statement on how construction has disrupted her homelife.

She said: “I was here in September 2018 to object the planning application of the installation of the extractor fan unit with other conditions for Zara Bar and Grill.

“Unfortunately, the unanimous vote of rejection from the council was disregarded it was overridden and our short-live happiness was short lived.

“The restaurant isn’t even open yet and it has already made this negative impact, so what next?

“Units will be noisy on for long periods of time can potentially spread unpleasant smells, fumes creating uncomfortable living spaces and potentially offer a stepping ledge for burglaries to access the flats.

“The applicant needs to find another salutation that will not affect our living situation and be represented by an agent that is correctly supplying information.”

In response to Mrs Georgio, planning applicant, Mr Yaman, said: “In terms of the extractor system it has not been used at all since we have been in the building.

“We have not made any noise within out of hours and work has been completed there is no more needed to be done in the building.

“All we require is for these motors to be put in for the air con and cool room to maintain a hygienic environment for the food being bought in.”

Several councillors at the area-planning sub-committee on Wednesday, May 29, also voiced their concerns for the resident’s well-being.

Warden member for Loughton, Cllr Chris Pond: “The residents have contacted me on numerous occasions about what they consider will be impairing their living conditions.

“I think the people who moved into the flats either did not release or were not told when purchasing their accommodation that this would be a fully-fledged unit that could be used which has not been factored in.

“I think the living conditions of my constituency will be affected and I am afraid for those reasons I cannot support this application.”

Cllr Bob Jennings also gave a similar response, saying: “If was the person occupying the first floor immediately above the first-floor I would be very concerned.”

Discussing then turned to the idea if the extractor fans could be relocated or a soundproof alternative to reduce the noise impact on residents.

Cllr Howard Kauffmann, said: “Clearly these buildings are in the wrong location because they are going to cause upset to the residents.

“We have all had lots of contacts from the residents and having one of these gadgets under your balcony is going to be terribly unpleasant.

“It has to be dealt with correctly in a cohesive matter.”

Head of the committee, Cllr Gagan Mohindra said: “The unit will need those fans installed to be able to work.

“Our officers will look at potential relocation to minimalize the disruption to our residents lives.”

The council concluded to look further into the situation to review environmental issues, mechanical factor and the fees for potential relocation.