A health forum is calling for its followers to send letters into the minister for Public Health to protest financial cuts.

The Enfield Over 50s Forum will be launching a “Send a Letter to Seema" on June 1 - a campaign to protest this year’s £444,000 cut in the borough’s public health grant.

Seema Kennedy MP, the Minister responsible for Public Health is currently under fire by the forum.

A spokesperson for the Enfield Over 50s Forum said: “The government’s funding allocation for Enfield is only £47 per head of our growing population, compared with the £73 average for all London boroughs.

“It is lower than Islington’s £103, Camden’s £100 and Haringey’s £69 - three of the boroughs grouped with Enfield by the NHS - with the aim of securing equality of healthcare across these boroughs.

“ We think, that taken together, these facts are a startling admission of incompetence that should shame any organisation."

The forum is asking its members, friends and affiliates to write a single page letter seeking a better deal for Enfield.

If you wish to be involved then write: Seema Kennedy MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health, House of Commons, London SW1a OAA.